Polimi students win ShapeMi competition


Polimi students win ShapeMi competition

The Energy Farmers and F-Air projects win the Jury Prize and the Talent Garden Prize

Two teams composed of students from the Politecnico di Milano won prizes in the ShapeMi 2020 competition, organised by the Global Shapers’ Milan Hub and sponsored by the City of Milan.

The challenge for the participating students and recent graduates was to design solutions to limit air pollution in Milan.

Tommaso Ferrucci, Alice Di Bella and Federico Canti, students of the Master of Science in Energy Engineering, with their tutor Alessia Sgobba, won the Jury Prize thanks to their Energy Farmers project: a vertical axis turbine system to be placed along the most travelled roads to generate energy that will support local communities in low-income neighborhoods in self-producing energy. The project states that the turbines will be planned with the support of the municipality and involving the citizens as regards their visual impact.

Pierluigi Tagliabue, Marco Russo and Amedeo Spagnuolo, students of the Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering, together with their tutor Silvia Batello, won the Talent Garden Prize with their F-Air project. F-Air is a social inclusion project that aims to generate proactivity and sustainable behaviour, by focusing on the citizens’ direct engagement. The F-Air objective is to raise awareness among citizens about the different impact that various food products have on air quality throughout their life cycle from production to consumption (Life Cycle Assessment). F-Air was conceived as a supermarket points collection: each product is assigned a score based on its air quality impact. The project includes web pages and informative catalogues which make it is possible to fully understand the initiative’s meaning and topic’s importance.