Energy Engineering course

Energy is essential for the development of humanity, but must face challenges mainly related to the sustainability issues. This is way Energy Engineering has assumed a central role in today’s technical culture and industrial practice: it deals with the design and management of energy plants and their components, so as to guarantee the best use of available resources with minimum impact on the environment.

The courses in Energy Engineering provide a deep knowledge of the technological and operational problems as well as components used in energy conversion processes, providing the tools and methodologies for energy, environmental and economic analysis. Graduates will be able to tackle the problems connected to the thermodynamic conversion of the various forms of energy, to the environmental effects associated with energy production, air conditioning and well-being in environments.

Surfing this website, you will find the most relevant information on the bachelor and master in Energy Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano: the three-year bachelor course and the master course in the Bovisa Campus located in Milan and in Piacenza Campus. Here you will also find information on the professional opportunities offered by the training course and on the employment prospects of recent graduates.

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